Regeneration Vermont is a new nonprofit educational and advocacy organization that is working to halt the catastrophic consequences of Vermont’s adoption of degenerative, toxic and climate-threatening agricultural techniques, particularly within the dominant dairy sector. 

Our goal is to redirect Vermont agriculture toward regenerative methods that provide economic justice to farmers and farm workers, protect and enhance the natural environment, produce healthy food products, promote animal welfare, and implement climate change remediation through an understanding of — and commitment to – healthy, living soils. The regeneration movement is especially concerned with educating citizens about the high greenhouse gas emissions from the current, industrial style of agriculture, but more importantly, showing how changes in farming, ranching, and forestry are the most significant vehicles for sequestering carbon and reversing climate change.

To accomplish our goals, Regeneration Vermont is proposing an extensive public education effort followed by (if necessary) creative, grassroots campaigns that take direct aim at corporations profiting from toxic, climate-threatening agriculture. We will tell the tragic story of degenerative agriculture, identify its corporate enablers, and then put them in the spotlight of marketplace activism. In Vermont, that means the dairy corporations. And that means Ben & Jerry’s and Cabot Creamery.

But it’s about more than targeting and putting a stop to toxic, climate-threatening agriculture. The regenerative agriculture that will replace it will not only put a halt to GMOs, toxic pesticides and factory animal production, but also employ practices that enhance soil quality and, as a result, sequester more and more carbon from the atmosphere. We are seeking to hasten the necessary transition that puts agriculture in its rightful place as a solution to many of our ecological woes, rather than the cause.

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