Regeneration Vermont’s Teo Zagar and Michael Colby collaborated on this 2-minute video that summarizes the dilemma facing Vermont’s industrial dairies. The footage was obtained during the tours we gave of what’s being called the “Ground Zero” for the state’s dairy pollution, Franklin County. It features footage of confinement dairies, a 7-million gallon manure pit under construction, and Lake Carmi’s cyanobacteria-infected water — and ends with a call to put cows back on grass and the culture back in agriculture.


Forbidden Grazers

Lake Carmi sits in the middle of what is considered “ground zero” for Vermont’s dairy pollution crisis – Franklin County. It’s the state’s top-producing dairy county, home to more than 36,000 cows, almost all of them warehoused in confinement. They are forbidden grazers, never putting a hoof to pasture in their shortened, five-year lives of staggering milk production before an inglorious exit to the meat supply. Read more: Take action: Save Lake Carmi

Posted by Regeneration Vermont on Thursday, February 8, 2018

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