Regeneration Vermont’s Take:

As the health of urban and rural poor communities in the US declined as a result of food ailments like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancer, innovative leaders are finally taking matters into their own hands and providing organic food in community gardens and home garden projects.

How a North Carolina Minister Sowed Seeds of Hope in a Food Desert.

First, the Reverend Richard Joyner got mad. Then he got a trowel. Sick and tired of seeing his congregation suffer from poor nutrition, the North Carolina minister sowed seeds of hope in a food desert. Read more in the Modern Farmer.

Start-up aims to combat Camden food desert with a farm.

Fredric Byarm speaks a lot of languages: the language of kitchens, where he worked for decades as a line cook and chef; the language of finance, which he learned after coming to the realization that “I was a better chef than businessman”; and the language of farming, a fluency he built by talking to growers while he owned farm-to-fork restaurants in Vermont. Read more in the Courier-Post here.